13 Dec 2011
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Cardiff, Wales, Monday , 12th December 2011 Wales Somaliland Community, has today issued a Press Release  praising  Rt. Hon. Ahmed Omar Haji Abdillahi, Governor of Hargesia Region and Chairman of Somaliland Governor Association for first coming to Cardiff during his tour of the UK Somaliland Communities.


Mr. Abdirahman Ahmed Awad, Wales Somaliland Community’s Chairman and Mr. Abdikarim Abdi Adan, Director of  Wales Somaliland Community said: “On behalf of the whole community, we welcome and express our deep appreciation and gratitude to   Rt. Hon. Ahmed Omar Haji Abdillahi, Chairman of  Governor Association  and  Mr. Osman Saed, Somaliland Vice –President Advisor  for time they have taken to spend with our community in Cardiff and  with our elected member of (UK) Parliament, Wales National  Assembly and  Member of European Parliament.    


During the two weeks long visit , the Somaliland delegations held  talks with Rt. Hon. Alun  Michael, MP  and Chairman of UK Parliament – All Party Parliamentary Group for Somaliland, Rt. Hon.  Peter Hain, MP and  Shadow Wales Secretary of State, Mr. Kevin Brennan,MP  and all  four  Cardiff Assembly Members namely  Mr. Vaughan Gething, AM, Ms. Julie Morgan, AM, Mr. Mark Drake, AM and Ms. Jenny Ruthbone, AM and   all   with large constituent from the Somali Community .  


The Somaliland Delegations  briefed the Parliamentarians  and Somaliland Community  members  on the  current situation of Somaliland using documentations such Somaliland Five Year Plan, Somaliland Vision for 2030  and from their first hand knowledge of the situation of Somaliland.  The Delegations attended the Labour Party, Annual  Muslim Eid  Party, as well  Banquet hosted by the Somaliland Community members for their  honour of the visitors from Somaliland.


Rt. Hon. Ahmed Omar Haji Abdillahi, Chairman of Governor Association  and  Mr. Osman Saed, Somaliland Vice –President Advisor,  Said  “We are delighted by warmth welcome and reception from all sections of the Somaliland Community of Wales , youth ,Community elders, and women’s and their elected Parliamentarian Members in Wales and UK Parliament  and  we in Somaliland  values  the friendship between Wales and Somaliland based on century old historical  settlement and  we appreciate Wales Somaliland Community for their extra ordinary support to their homeland.


The Delegation  strongly  advocated in maintaining and further developing an effective and long lasting mutual partnership between our two countries institutions both Parliaments and Governments and our people and we fully  endorsed the  Somaliland community crucial role in acting play as Ambassadors for the UK and Somaliland in an ever changing world.”


Finally, Wales Somaliland Community,   equally, takes this opportunity to express our appreciation to Rt. Hon. Stephen O’Brien ,Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State For Department of International Development(DIFID)   and Rt. Hon.  David Jones, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales for their recent visit to our Community here in Cardiff on 9th November 2011.       


In Statement to the Community Rt. Hon. Stephen O’Brian  Said” I very much appreciate the warmth with which I was met and the commitment shown to development in Somaliland and we value the contribution of diaspora communities very highly and I look forward to further engagements with the Somali Diaspora in how the UK aid budget is used.


Mr. Abdirahman Ahmed Awad, Wales Somaliland Community’s Chairman and Mr. Abdikarim Abdi Adan, Director of Somaliland Community said: “ We thank all those who made this visit a success and the Intergovernmental and Parliamentary between our two nations and we salute our Wales Somaliland community for the support and guidance.


Notes for editor:

For further information   Please contact : Mr. Abdikarim Abdi Adan, Director of Wales
Somaliland Communities  Link   – Mobile :-  07974120862
email:- abdi@walessomaliland.org, abdi@spawales.org
68 James Street, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff  CF10 5EZ


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