Africa Business Agents

Providing advanced technology security solutions throughout Africa.

Africa Business Agents act as a security consultant in Africa to:

  • Governments;

  • Government Agencies;

  • The Defence Sector;

  • High Value Infrastructure Installations such as Docks and Airports;

  • Commercial Organisations.

With offices in the UK and Africa, we have developed a highly effective network of professional agents and personal contacts to identify business opportunities in Africa in the security market sector.

  • Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK
    this is our head office and it co-ordinates activities with European suppliers and manufacturers.

  • Nairobi, Kenya
    deals primarily with contracts and tenders in East Africa and South Sudan.

  • Freetown, Sierra Leone
    deals with contracts and tenders in West Africa.

Our Offices

We have offices in the UK, Nairobi and Sierra Leone, allowing us to operate a network of highly successful agents, partners and personal contacts.

A proven track record

Africa Business Agents has a proven track record as a security consultant of delivering cost-effective security solutions to meet local needs, protecting both people and high value assets.

Our intimate in-country knowledge throughout Africa and our established network of personal contacts mean that we are ideally positioned to deal with all aspects of security solution delivery including:

  • Development of Government Tenders;

  • Logistics;

  • Resourcing Manpower;

  • Provision of Ongoing Support.

Africa Business Agents works closely with the very best manufacturers and suppliers of security equipment in Europe.

This enables us to provide information to our clients in Africa about the latest developments in security products and to deliver security solutions which incorporate the most advanced technology currently available.

In addition, our links to security organisations and a significant base of quality customers and prospects provides us with excellent intelligence about prospective business opportunities in Africa for our European partners.

This also gives Africa Business Agents the ability to facilitate early closure of contracts and tenders on behalf of all our clients.

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The professional reputation which Africa Business Agents enjoys as a security consultant with suppliers, manufacturers and end-users is based on our uncompromising commitment to confidentiality and discretion in all our business activities.


We specialise in

Physical security, software security systems, systems integration & production of secure documents.

Africa Business Agents has particular expertise in the provision of:

  • Physical Security

    • Secure Fencing

    • Vehicle Protection

    • Fibre Optic Scanning

    • Personal Protection Services

    • Bomb Detection

  • Production of secure documents

    • e-Passports

    • ID Cards

    • Banknotes

  • Software Security Systems

  • Systems Integration

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If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail or would like more information about what we can offer, please contact us.

All enquiries will of course, be treated in the strictest confidence.